Computers and Customers: How Technology and Innovation is Putting More Buying Power in the Hands of the Consumer

Tue. August 14| 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM | Meeting Room 6B Upper Level

Technology and innovation has disrupted almost every industry during the past two decades. One major trend brought on by technology within the global business travel space has been the tendency to empower the individual buyer. From real-time booking platforms to expense management software, consumers have never been as empowered to make purchasing decisions as they are now. This session will focus on new innovations that embolden the buyer, and ways global business travel companies can respond to this trend.

This presentation will be a panel discussion among three guests, with each speaking to a technology or innovative approach to problem solving that their respective organization engaged in during the previous year. Topics of discussion will include the original objectives for the new technology, how it was rolled out, its effectiveness, and best practices for future efforts.

Type: Education Session

Track: Technology/Innovation


Futch, Duane

Futch, Duane

Founder and CEO

Global Travel and Aviation Solutions, LLC


Luebbert, Henry

Luebbert, Henry

Co-founding Partner

Synergy Global Housing


Hall, Michael

Hall, Michael

Global Travel Manager

Illumina, Inc.