Meeting Security: Are Your Meetings Protected from Cyber Criminals? Presented by the GBTA Meetings Committee

Tue. August 14| 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM | Meeting Room 8 Upper Level

More and more frequently, cyber security professionals are warning us of threats to our meeting attendees. These threats include having personal information and organizational intellectual property data stolen, and the attendant threat to identities, and the possible exposure of trade secrets.

There are real-life bad guys out in the world whose job it is to steal valuable information by using very affordable and portable technologies readily available online. Most importantly, there has been very little acknowledgement of this threat in the industry, and little determined effort by venues or meeting management companies to educate their customers, and develop preventative methods to protect meeting attendees from these threats.

Included in this discussion; developed by the GBTA Meetings Committee:
• An exploration of the current threats, and the attendant implications.
• Steps organizations can take to help mitigate these risks.

Type: Education Session

Track: Meetings/Events


Avish, Shimon

Avish, Shimon


Acquis Consulting Group


Caruthers, John

Caruthers, John

Supervisory Special Agent