Traveling with Medication: How to Navigate International Law

Wed. August 15| 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM | Meeting Room 11A Upper Level

Attend this session if you have clients or travelers who travel with prescription or over-the-counter medication.

With more than 3 billion international travelers annually, a majority pack some sort of prescription or non-prescription medication in the event of illness or injury or to treat a chronic medical condition. However, the simple, innocent act of carrying prescription and over-the-counter medications into another country could result in questioning from authorities, having their medication taken away, imprisonment for drug trafficking, and even the death penalty in some countries.

To make matters worse, the process of searching for and understanding the rules and regulations regarding the importation of personal medication is often overwhelming for many people because the task requires keen Internet search skills, a considerable amount of time, and even language interpretation.

Attendees will discover how to simplify this investigation process for their travelers and clients, learn basic guidelines for packing medication, and leave equipped with a list of available resources to help them navigate this complex topic.

Type: Education Session

Track: Mobility


Harmon, Katherine

Harmon, Katherine

Senior Director of Category Intelligence